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Small Group Training

SATURDAYS: 9am-11am and 12pm-2pm

Drop-off and Pick-up Only

This is a class that is open to all dogs with no specific requirements. This can be an awesome supplement to your dogs weekly activities or an opportunity for you dog to interact and work on skills in a smaller and less overwhelming group situation. It combines socialization and training and will consist of up to 6 dogs every week. We want the same group of dogs to have an opportunity to interact, learn, and grow with each other. 

Dogs with trainer

Socialization not only includes learning how to safely and appropriately interact with other dogs, but it is also about learning to share space with other dogs in an appropriate way and exposure to new things in their environment. Dogs will have an opportunity to socialize in whatever manner they safely choose, whether that be playing, hanging out together, or learning how to be more appropriate in reading and interpreting social cues from other dogs, learning boundaries and how to be respectful, and how to appropriately interact/play with other dogs.

Skills may be worked on individually or in a group and can include: sit, down, eye contact, touch, stay, leave it, crate training, impulse control, and all sorts of games and activities with some other fun skills and tricks rolled in based on your dog's ability and interest level! This is a drop-off program where your dog will work with the group and the trainer. 


It is helpful if your dog is already crate or kennel trained or has some exposure to as it will be a part of the curriculum at times. Dogs will mostly be out together, but fencing will be utilized to separate dogs if and when needed.


Sign up for class and pay for sessions through PetExec.

* Registration required as this is an on-going class

* Small Group Training is limited to 6 dogs

* If this class is deemed not appropriate for your dog, private training may be suggested 

* Reasons may include: extreme aggression or fearfulness towards another dog or person

Just For Pups: Play and Socialization

Puppy Socialization is currently on break for the time being.
We will let you know when sessions open back up.
We truly appreciate your patience!

In this 1-hour class, puppies will have the chance to socialize, interact, and play in a safe and structured environment with a max capacity of 8 puppies. The class will be narrated by the trainer and pet parents will have the opportunity to learn more about dog body language and behavior, what is and isn’t appropriate play and interaction between puppies, when and how to safely step in and manage a situation, and all the wonderfully frustrating things about puppies! Puppies will have the chance to interact with other puppies based on size, energy level, and play style.

Photo by Eddie Galaxy from Pexels


Sign up for class and pay for sessions through PetExec.

* Registration required 

* Puppy Play and Socialization is limited to 8 dogs

* Please note that puppies must be up to date with their most current round of vaccinations for their age

* Owner's attendance required

* COVID safety guidelines will be followed-please wear a mask

  1. Fill out owner information to create an account with PetExec

  2. Fill out information on your pet and sign waiver

  3. Go to 'File Uploads' and upload your dog's current vaccination records. *Required vaccinations include: Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper.

  4. Go to 'Request Group Training' tab and choose the class you would like your dog to attend (*SPOTS ARE LIMITED!)




About Kasey:

Fortunate enough to grow up with horses as well as many wonderful dogs and other types of animals, Kasey is a lifelong lover of all things furry, feathered, and scaled. She used to teach horseback riding lessons and train rescue horses before shifting her focus to dog training and behavior. She loves to help others realize the importance of recognizing animals as fellow, sentient beings and wishes to grow and nurture relationships based on trust, respect, patience, and love.


Horses have taught her so much about the importance of friendship, respect, and cooperation and she incorporates these valuable lessons and philosophies in her approach with dogs and their parents. She also loves teaching tricks, mentally stimulating, and challenging dogs (and their people) to help everyone to realize that learning and training can be fun! Working with our animal friends isn't one size fits all and she enjoys the approach of out-of-the-box thinking as well as individualized and customized experiences for dogs and people.


Before training horses and dogs, she spent some time post-college in the human services field, working with individuals with special needs and disabilities. This gave her the opportunity to work with some amazing service and therapy dogs, sparking even more of an interest in dog behavior and training. 

Before forming 'Get Sit Done: Dog Walking & Training', she was a trainer and behaviorist with 'Noble Beast Dog Training'. Through her work with Noble Beast, she was able to continue to hone and advance her skills by working with all breeds, types, and skill sets of dogs and their pet parents. This included: day training programs, puppy socialization and obedience classes, lessons on manners, reactivity challenges, verbal vs non-verbal communication, etc. while emphasizing the importance of the bond that dog share with their person/people.


When not working with dogs, you can find Kasey hanging out with horses, ‘nerding’ out on animal behavior, reading, going on adventures with her husband and dog Tucker (a super fluffy German Shepherd mix), traveling, or snuggling with her cat, Butters.

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